Best Dating Sites to Try in 2020 – An Honest Review

Best Dating Sites to Try in 2020 – An Honest Review

Date someone online. Sounds so simple, right? Wrong. You may have dated someone 2 years or 3 years in the past, but things, these days, do not work in the same way they used to before. Putting different, you don’t have to meet someone face to face in the first place to have interaction with them or get to know them – all of it can now be effortlessly done online i.e. with the help of the “Best Dating Sites” that we are about to shed lights on in this wide-ranging article. 

The dating websites are the perfect choice for the introverts – the people who are shy. Such people tend to hesitate when starting a conversation with someone. The date sites are a gift for such people. No matter whether it is spring, winter, summer or fall, love is something that everyone wishes to experience in their lives. 

If you’re single, chances are you’re going to get a super-sassy beautiful senorita. And, the good news is that a dating site (that you get the subscription of) or app won’t take much of your time – just sign up on one of the websites that we have recommended underneath. All of the websites given below have been used by us, so there is nothing you need to be worried about. 

Some people may think that “Tinder” is the only cool website that does the best matchmaking service. But that’s not true since there are other amazing dating sites that can make your day and work like a charm. However, a couple of questions arise like that you can see lower:

What are the best dating sites that exist today?

The honor of “Best Dating Site” can only be given to a site based on its features like how flawlessly the matchmaking works, how long it takes to develop a sexual or romantic relationship. To get the answer to this question, you can take the different features of the website (below) into consideration and decide yourself. 

What purpose should I use the dating sites for?

Whether you want to get into a relationship, or you just want to use the site for the hookups, online dating is the best thing you could do right now. 

Are the dating sites free or they will cost me some penny?

It’s no wonder that there are some free dating sites, but what you get after paying some pennies will give you a way more pleasure than what you get without paying any penny. So, it’s okay to use free websites to be familiar with the working, but if you’re serious about it, you will need to switch to the paid plan soon. 

There are immense numbers of dating websites, but we have only covered the “Best Dating Websites” so you could get the most out of your undying want for the romantic relation for your new partner. We’ll cover the ins and outs of every dating site (on the list) along with their pros and cons, and how much you are supposed to pay for the signup.

In spite of that fact, there are thousands of websites for dating online, meeting people online is still challenging unless you know which site is the perfect fit for you. 

1. Zoosk

Despite the challenges, Zoosk utilizes the one-of-its-kind matchmaking algorithms that will help you find your perfect match in next to no time. The good news is that Zoosk allows you to make use of the “Free Trial” (if you don’t know how it works). 

Zoosk is the #1 dating app in the app store ever, says Tech Crunch. Based on the user’s profile, the Zoosk connects them with their perfect match by offering the personalized SmartPick. 

Users also have to verify their identity using their phone number, so there is no way someone can lure you – there’s no catfish. You can find out your partner based on your desires like what type of body you want, what religion should your mate be practicing, etc. 

Zoosk is the website that has been designed with the seriousness of the people in mind. In other words, if you’re serious about finding your true, romantic, or perhaps a sensual partner. Zoosk caters to the need of the millennial crowd. And, its paid plan has everything you are in search for. 

There’s also Zoosk coins that you can purchase easily and take advantage of them by unlocking access to the premium features of the site. This way, you will get more control of your profile and you will be able to stand out from the crowd like never before. 

Duration Pricing
1 Month $29.95/month
3 Months $19.98/month
6 Months $12.49/month

2. Match

Match is another cool dating site that will meet your desires in the first place. Whether you are 20 or 30 years old, your wishes are going to come true after you sign up for a paid account on The good thing about Match is that it has a huge database of the users, which means there will be less pressure or burden over your shoulders while finding the perfect match.

Match came into existence in 1995 and it is the daddy of all dating sites out available today. It’s simple yet effective, which will kiss all of your worries away like magic and you no more have to feel that loneliness. But Match is more interesting than you might’ve ever imagined. With its top-of-the-line features, you can even create short videos.

Ever since it went mobile-friendly, it has got the upper hands over other dating websites or dating apps. The users can also add voiceovers to their videos and let others see what you are capable of doing in your way. Keeping up with the technology is what Match has done exceptionally well.

Technically, you can use it for free, but if you’re on the lookout for a feature-rich online dating, you’d be in need of considering the “Premium” plan. Even our experts recommend that you should invest in the premium plan so that you could get into a relationship without wasting time.

Whether you love using Match on the website or app, choose any way you prefer most. However, if you want to have a friendly and romantic chat with your match directly, you will need to upgrade your paid membership by paying a $20 per month. According to the most recent statistics, more than 25,000 users join March every day.

Duration Pricing
3 Month $23.99/month
6 Months $20.99/month
12 Months $19.99/month

3. OKCupid

Do you wish to find your partner with the similar personalities just like you have? If that is what you’re after, OKCupid won’t ever let you down in that area. OKCupid uses a time-tested algorithm for that purpose. However, in order for this feature to work in a perfect manner, you must provide some details so that the questionnaire can be finished and the site could get to know more about your interests and wants. 

In fact, I’ve been using OKCupid for the last 3 years and things turned out to be really good. The profiles on this dating site include an in-depth overview of the person which will offer you a friendlier and informative experience just like you desired. 

In the past few years, OKCupid has become more like Tinder. If you don’t know, we’d like to let you know that both of the online dating sites (or apps) are owned by the same company. 

In a nutshell, OKCupid works based on the questions asked to you. Once you answer a series of those questions, the application or the website finds the perfect match for you in next to no time. This one turns out to be great for those who are liberal. The questions that are asked from the users are stimulating. 

So, is it also have the “Free Trial” or you’re not in luck in that area? Well, you’re in luck because it, too, has the free trial for the people who would like to try it out to be acquainted with it, but that’s not going to give you all of the awesome features that it is famous for. Therefore, you will need to switch to the paid (premium) plan sooner.

Here are the premium plans if you don’t want to miss out on the out-of-this-world features:

Pricing (Also offers Free Trial)
Duration Pricing
A-List 1 Month $9.95/month
A-List 3 Months $7.95/month
A-List 6 Months $4.95/month

4. Tinder

You must have heard the name of the famous dating site renowned as “Tinder”. Whether it is hookups, friendship or an LTR relationship, Tinder is one of the top/best dating sites you will ever find online.

Would not you want to swipe where the whole world is swiping to find their true partner? Well, I know you would! You don’t have to spend too much time while going through the profiles of the people and Tinder makes it quicker than you might have imagined.

On the flip side, sometimes, it could be hard for the people to figure out what other people are on the lookout for at the time. You may, therefore, need to wade through a lot of profiles to have your match eventually.


But once you come up with your match, you will realize how good the Tinder is and what it can do to help you find your partner. As far as the pricing is concerned, it is free for the users who are under 30 or for Tinder Plus $9.99 is charged per month.

If you are above 30, you will be required to pay $19.99 every month. But the exceptional services and features of Tinder is worth paying for. There is also another plan – “Tinder Gold” that requires the submission of the same amount of the Plus plan, plus an additional fee of $4.99 every month. The Gold plan will allow you to see who has already swiped (right) on you.

5. Bumble

If you’ve already used “Tinder”, you will find Bumble very much similar to it, especially for the women or feminine users. If you are looking towards using Bumble, you have to be a woman to make the first message if the person who you are trying to send the message to is a man. In other words, if you are a man and you would like to start a conversation with a woman, you cannot do so.

It’s just how Bumble works. Not just that, if a woman has sent a message to someone (male) and that person doesn’t reply to the women within 24 hours, that person will lose the potential dates. However, if you, and the person you want to send the message to, are of the same sex and the first message can be sent from the either side. 

The timer feature has been appreciated by most of the people for the fact it encourages contact. But if you believe in postponing things and don’t want to get into a serious relationship, then Bumble is the perfect application for you. Since the messages are first sent by women or females, there is no probability of the existence of insecure males or men.

This is one of the reasons why females are in love with Bumble (whether they enjoy it on the website or app). In spite of all of it, the presence of the overly confident men tends to be higher than you would see on any other dating app. 


You can either use Bumble for free through “Free Trial” or you can upgrade your membership for which you will be needed to pay from $8.99 per week to $24.99 per month. This depends on the length of the subscription you’ve chosen. 

You can also make use of “Bumble Coins” with the help of which you can Spotlight and SuperSwipes. These functionalities are available under the “in-app purchases” which you can effortlessly access on the app and the website as well. 

6. Hinge

Hinge is that dating website that had me amazed when I signed up for it. The app is based on the “Mutual” connections that you and your wished-for relationship mate shared on FB, which turned out to be a catch. 

The algorithm that Hinge uses works like no other app – it can find you the partner you’re craving for. The profiles on it are highly appealing and based on the information displayed, one can effortlessly figure out the perfect match. 

Based on your political views, religion, music type, location, education, lifestyle habits, height, etc., it’s really a child’s play for someone like you to dive in and get the most out of Hinge by finally meeting with the hoped-for partner. 

Showing off your personality has never been easier before, thanks to Hinge for making it super easy. The app uses the “Nobel-Prize” winning algorithm which means your efforts won’t ever go in vain no matter what. You’re 8x more likely to get into a better relationship if you try it out now. 

Is Hinge free?

Whether you want to make use of it on Android or iOS, it is free to be used, without question. 

There is a free membership and then there’s paid membership. If you want to figure out which one is going to fit your needs, perhaps, you should read this article.

7. eHarmony

If you are willing to experience the next-level dating app that makes use of out-of-this-world matchmaking algorithm, eHarmony is another cool and effective online dating site that will give you instantaneous results – i.e. you will get into a relationship in next to no time. If you want an application or site just for time pass, then this is not designed for you, but if you are serious about the relationship in 2020, don’t miss out on this highly operative app. 

Speaking of the pricing, eHarmony can be effectively used free of cost and with premium plans. If Tinder is not your cup of tea, we strongly suggest that you should give it a shot. That’s why we say that don’t just take our word for it – try yourself and see the difference that comes next. 

It is a website where more than 2 million people have found their love. Next is you! Get led to the happiest relationships ever by signing up today using the paid subscription that you’re interested in. Whether you’re a man or woman, you can start your free trial and then switch to the premium plan when you think it is the right time. 


If you want to get a next-level or advanced functionality or you want to unlock the never-seen-before features, then you would join the paid plans as follows:

  • 1-month Plan: $59.95/month
  • 3-month plan: $29.95/month
  • 6-month plan: $29.90/month

There is a huge difference between free and trial packages. The former doesn’t ask you to switch to the paid plan, whereas if you use a 3-day free trial, then you will need to upgrade your membership after 3 days from the day of sign up.

8. Elite Singles

Tired of using online dating sites or apps? Want an online dating site that uses the fraud detection system to get rid of all of the vulnerable profiles? If that’s so, Elite Singles is the best site to proceed with. In addition to the free version, premium membership is also reachable to unlock the doors of the ultra-specific features. 

Elite Singles has been a game-changer in recent times for the fact it practices 29 professional-level algorithms to curate the perfect match for you – your one-in-a-million partner. It, strictly speaking, is not the best place for the younger millennials because they brag about it that more than 80% of the people who have joined them are college graduates and most of the members are 33 to 50 years old. 

From this, we can easily see that Eligible Singles is a perfect place for mature people. Therefore, being a professional could be a strong sign that you’re going to get into a serious relationship using this dating site. 

The website works based on the “Personality Test” and it gets more than 381,000 new members every month. 85% of all members on Elite Singles are highly educated and more than 80% of the members are having either a graduate, postgraduate or doctorate. 


The pricing of Elite Singles has been divided into packages: Light (being the starter), Classic (being the medium package), and Comfort (being the best). 

  • 1-year Plan: $31.95 per month
  • 6-month Plan: $44.95 per month
  • 3-month Plan: $57.95 per month

After purchasing the premium membership, if you believe that this is not your cup of tea and cancel the subscription within 3 days, you will receive a full refund. 

9. Plenty of Fish (POF)

The Plenty of Fish, also known as POF, came into existence in 2003. If you don’t want to break the bank and still wish to meet your needs in the first place, POF is the best site to begin with today. Its pricing model is so cheap that everyone would love to join without a second. 

As far as the total no. of daily active users on the site is concerned, the number is 4 million which is astounding. Every day, more than 65k users sign up for POF because they know that they will get what they are promised – the top-notch service at affordable prices. According to the statistics, more than 1 billion messages are sent. 

The “Personality Test” for the relationship is one of the major features that POF has to offer. As per the most recent news, the POF has just launched with the help of which you can send messages to anyone using the Google home. The user base is very huge and it’s no doubt that they are famous too.


Before you decide to join the POF, you must be aware of the plans of POF so that you could get to know whether POF is the perfect choice for you or not. Speaking of the pricing models, there are three: 

  • 3-month Plan: $12.90 per month
  • 6-month Plan: $8.50 per month
  • 12-month Plan: $6.78 per month

10. Happn

Having you been crossing paths on online dating sites and haven’t found your true partner? Well, that’s because you didn’t give Happn a shot, but it’s never too later. When you cross path in the street with someone (a Happn user) who is available on Happn, you will see their profile on the time so that you can get a chance to know them and get into a lovely relationship. 

Thousands of beautiful love stories happen of Happn. Finding people that you’ve crossed path with. At the present moment, there are more than 70 million users on Happn and 4.9 million messages are sent and received. Each day, around 1.5 million users join Happn. 

Join Happn and seize the opportunities. On Happn, your timeline is beautiful and stands out from the crowd. There is no chance of spamming and harassment because the people who meet on Happn and have a conversation with one another are the ones who like each other. 


Though Happn is available free to use, you can take your dating experience and path-crossing experience to the next level by considering the premium plans of Happn. Doing that, you will be able to see who likes you. 

You can get a pro membership (paid one) that starts from $10 to $24.99 (to be paid on a monthly basis). 

So, there you have it, guys – the Best Dating Sites that you can try out in the 2020 year and find the love you’ve been craving for. There might still be some other dating sites that you can try, however, we suggest is that you give one of the above-mentioned sites a shot and see yourself which one fits you best.

If you’ve used any of aforesaid apps or site, please share your experience with us so that others could understand which sites they should go for.